Micro/Mini Piling

The mini piles are high performance & enhanced capacity drilled deepest foundations

The Micro or mile piles are actually the grilled & at the same time grouted friction piles that have a small diameter. Each and every pile has the inclusion of steel elements that have been bonded within the bearing soil/rock. This is being done in most of cases through the cement grout. The stratum of bearing is being logged at the time of installation drilling for ensuring that the bearing capacity is optimum. Since micro piles are being bonded within the rock socket wall and this is something which is not even relying upon end bearing capacity. This is due to the reason that there is no requirement of establishing the high-end competency of rock beyond the level of bond depth. The installation of the mini pile can be done quickly on almost any sort of ground through the utilization of extremely adaptive drilling equipment that is mobile

Our team provides custom micro pile solutions to clients

All our technicians are working in the house and they own their own advanced technology, equipment and this is being backed up by many years of experience and at the same time highly proven of performance. Our national and international footprints have already enriched our team with immense knowledge & experience as we provide custom solutions to all customers. From the day of inception to today itself, our company has strongly demonstrated its commitment towards engineering, excellence as well as continual innovation. For further inquiry about our mini/micropile offers, connect to our representatives today!